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House of the Dragon is an American drama television series.

The show is an independent prequel to Game of Thrones.


It depicts the civil war that took place between the siblings Aegon II and Rainera to get the throne after their father died.

The show is inspired by Martin's novel A Song of Ice and Fire.

Main Characters:

Emma D'Arcy (Princess Rainera Targaryen), Olivia Cooke (Alicent Hightower), Matt Smith (Prince Damon Targaryen), Fabian Frankel (Ser Kristen Cole). 

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The first season mentions the end of Robert Baratheon's reign.

And in its prequel the show goes back which is set almost 200 years ago. 

Its season 1 will have 10 episodes.

on Sunday and the following Friday the show had a rating of 20 million.

89% people are liking this show.

The first episode of The House of Dragon was released on 21st August 2022, so far 7 episodes have come.

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