How did Sachin Little Feather die?

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Sachin Littlefeather was a great American actress and model. She is no more with us. 

Who is Sachin littlefeather?

When she born and when die?

Little Feather was born on 14 November 1946, died 2 October 2022.

Age when she die?

This brilliant actress passed away at the age of 75.

what was the cause of death?

No reason was given for Sachin Littlefeather's death, but last year he spoke about breast cancer in a Facebook post.

About name–

Sachin used to call Littlefeather by the name of Littlefeather because he always used to put feathers in his hair.

Won Oscar award –

Sachin Littlefeather also won the Oscar award for Best Actor. 

Work in dharamshala –

Actress Little Feather has also taken care of, in Dharamshala.

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Sachin Littlefeather will always be with us as a great actress.

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In November 2019, she was also given the Brando Award.