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First in 1985, the pound ka rate itna gira tha tab, after that now the pound fell below $ 1.09 on Friday.

Pound is the currency of the United Kingdom i.e. England, which is declining due to borrowing.


The pound is used in many countries other than Britain. such as Jersey, Gibraltar, South Georgia, the British Antarctic Territory and Tristan da Cunha.

The borrowing cost of the UK, that is, the UK government, is rising, which has fallen to a 37-year low from the pound dollar.

The pound has plunged to its lowest level since last week's budget tax cuts by Chancellor Quasi Quarteng.

The pound currency was lower by $1.035 against the US dollar and is now down a little further to below $1.06.

The wind is showing a sharp decline in the pound, which is now trading at its lowest level.

The rapidly falling rate of the pound currency is exacerbating Britain's macroeconomic crisis.

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