a kind of treatment, delivered while a fetus is still developing in the mother’s womb.

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In this treatment, a stem cell patch is given to the spinal cord of the fetus while it is developing in the womb.

In its first clinical trial, three babies have been born using stem cell treatment for spina bifida.


Spina bifida is a birth problem in which the spinal cord does not develop properly.

This treatment may better improve the condition of children with this birth defect.

Symptoms of spina bifida can appear early during pregnancy.

Therefore, the treatment of this defect is also done during the middle of pregnancy.

This treatment is done through ultrasound.

After the treatment, the scientists will examine the condition of the children till the age of six.

In America, about 2,000 children fall prey to this defect every year.

This effective test will be helpful in enhancing the quality of life of the visiting patients.

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